All of the service you'd expect from a conventional realtor, for a very unconventional 1% commission.

It’s very important for consumers to realize that real estate commissions are totally negotiable and by law there are no set standard rates.  Most traditional agents work on a percentage-based pay structure, which is typically split evenly between the buyer's agent and the seller's agent.

For instance, on a $200,000 house, if the contract specifies a 6% total commission with 3% going to the seller’s agent and 3% going to the buyer’s agent, that works out to be a total of $12,000 with $6000 to each agent.

In order to provide consumers (particularly sellers) with the best value, I charge a very unconventional commission fee of just 1% of sales price.

So if we assume a $200,000 sales price and a 2-3% commission to the buyer's agent, with my 1% listing commission you could save anywhere from $4500 to $6500 compared to what you would pay using a more conventional agent.

Whether you are buying or selling, I can help you get them most value out of your home.


Here's a look at what exactly my services include:

  • Face-to-face consultation to explain services, discuss listing price, and complete all listing forms
  • Competitive Market Analysis to ensure you get the most out of your home
  • 12 month listing on the MLS, though you may cancel at anytime
  • Suggestions to help present your home in the best possible light
  • Digitally enhanced photos of your home for the MLS and online ads
  • Write a provocative description of your home for the MLS
  • List your home on a variety of websites, such as Zillow, Trulia,, and Craigslist
  • Create a marketing campaign for your home on social media
  • Perform open houses
  • Field phone calls and answer any questions potential buyers might have
  • Provide "For Sale" yard sign
  • Provide printable flyers to highlight the features of your home
  • Provide and install a SUPRA lockbox to assist with showings
  • Provide a showing service to assist in scheduling showings for your home
  • Provide a means for potential buyers to give feedback
  • Assist with completing the property disclosure
  • Assist with negotiations on your behalf
  • Assist with home inspection and repair requests
  • Coordinate closing with title company, loan officer and buyer’s agent
  • Coordinate all paperwork using electronic signatures
  • Attend closing with you
  • Provide knowledgeable guidance to get you from listing to closing smoothly

If you need to sell your home, please consider choosing me to help make the process as smooth as possible and get you the most value from your property.  

Give me a call at (859) 351-3719 or Click Here to go over to my contact page and schedule your listing consultation right now!